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      1. KaiDi Animation





        Jilin Kaidi Animation Technology Ltd. was established in August 2006 with a registered capital of 25 million, is a collection of film and television media, smart cities, the exhibition curator, creative animation, interactive multimedia as an integrated consulting and creative R & D institutions, but also three-dimensional animation and its subsidiary derivatives scale production base, and school, one high-end talent training and practice base.
        Company's five major business unit distinctive, complementary advantages, mutual development. In different cultural and creative fields to build brands, has formed a pattern of relying on each other's industrial chain.
        Since its establishment, by virtue of the unique advantages of high-end technical talent and cutting-edge information resources, adhere to a high starting point, high standard, high efficiency, with passion and dreams, unity, forge ahead, and achieved good results, to create a batch to be outside the province, the animation quality recognition at home and abroad, experienced a severe test of the market, has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign counterparts, by all levels of government recognition, at home and abroad enjoy a certain degree of brand awareness for the company's the rapid development of the long-term accumulation of a certain foundation.





        KaiDi Animation Technology Co., Ltd., Jilin Province
        吉林省凱帝動畫科技有限公司 - 吉ICP備13003890號
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